F A Qs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is naturism

Naturism is the practice of going without clothes – whether that is just occasionally at a beach

What is the difference between naturism and nudism?

Answer –

For the most part, the terms “naturism” and “nudism” are largely interchangeable, with the latter being more common in the US.

Is it legal?

Answer –

The law in the UK is clear that nudity itself is not criminal, unless there is a sexual context or intent to cause alarm or distress.

If you wish to find out more, the Crown Prosecution Service have faqs published a detailed article about the legalities in the United Kingdom



Do I have to be naked all the time 

Answer –

it’s a myth that naturism is about being naked all the time. There are some basic rules though – at a naturist club it’s usual that you will have to be naked in the pool area and the sauna. Otherwise you will see lots of people in wraps, sarongs, or if the weather is cold, fully dressed. There are some naturists who like to be naked all the time, but mostly it’s having personal choice to be naked or not. Even with those basic rules there are, of course, exceptions for that ‘time of the month’ so it’s not uncommon to see a women with bikini bottoms on.

How do naturists disassociate seeing a naked person on a naturist weekend from seeing a naked person in a sexual context? 

Answer –

Whilst it’s an accepted worry for anyone whose never been to a naturist event, actually the surprising thing, perhaps, is that no-one is actually looking most of the time, so no-one is going to notice you bending down. Of course, there’s ways to bend down without showing off anything you don’t want to show – putting that handy towel on before you bend down is the easiest answer.

What do I do with my phone/valuables? 

Answer –

A lot of naturists use either a bumbag or a small bag or rucksack – naturist environments are very safe, so there’s not usually any need to be worried about the security of leaving a phone in a bag in a naturist club or at a naturist event. But it’s always best, of course, to be safe and leave your bag with someone if you need to leave it.  Answer

Do we wear shoes?  

Answer –

Some naturists do, some don’t – it’s entirely personal choice!

What do I sit on?  

Answer –

It’s the accepted etiquette is to carry a towel or a sarong / wrap to sit on.

What if I accidentally touch someone?

 Answer –

It is more than likely that they won’t even notice – as someone new to naturism it can be a bit ‘weird’ though the first time it happens. This is normal, try to just accept it and laugh it off (unless it seems like something that shouldn’t have happened, in which case report it immediately to the event organiser).

To wax not to wax – what should I do with my pubic hair? 

Answer –

Some naturists remove some or all of their pubic hair, some don’t – just like people who aren’t naturists. So in the end it’s what you are comfortable with. Naturists are very non-judgemental, so in the end no-one will treat you any differently or see you any differently whatever you decide.